How to Achieve Quebec Independence

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Table of contents



1. A great Canadian law
2. Segregation by descent
3. Break the promise, break the deal
4. You’re a separatist? Let me reward you!
5. Let’s take the very worst of Bill 101 and entrench it in the Constitution
6. A sickening display of appeasement
7. The National Will is broken


8. Characteristics any solution must incorporate
9. The 20% no block vote
10. The Two Question Referendum
11. Quebec West: the demographics
12. Questions about the process
13. A new beginning
14. Language legislation in an independent Quebec
15. The Parti Québécois and the Two Question Referendum
16. Ottawa and the Two Question Referendum
17. Non-francophones and the Two Question Referendum
18. Conclusion

Appendix A -- Liberal MNAs who voted for Bill 150
Appendix B -- Language Demographics for all 125 Quebec Ridings
Appendix C -- Bill 199, The Charter of the French and English Languages
Appendix D -- Belanger-Campeau Minority Report




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