How to Achieve Quebec Independence

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The Two Question Referendum


“Until sovereignty there can be no territorial-based language solutions in Quebec.”[104]

-- Daniel Latouche

What is the Two Question Referendum?[105]

The Two Question Referendum is the process through which the exchange will take place.

How does it work?

Unlike the referendums of 1980 and 1995, in which one question was asked of the entire population on one day, the Two Question Referendum will be conducted under a different format over two days:

Day 1

Only residents in Quebec West will be asked Question 1 on Day 1.

Day 2

There are two possibilities for Day 2:

i) If the vote tally on Question 1 on Day 1 is a majority “yes", the rest of Quebec outside of Quebec West --Quebec Proper -- will vote on Question 1 on Day 2.


ii) If the vote tally on Question 1 on Day 1 is a majority “no", Question 1 is defeated and is discarded. Then all the citizens of Quebec -- Quebec West and Quebec Proper -- will vote on Question 2 on Day 2.

What is Question 1?

Question 1 combines two issues into one question. To answer “yes" to Question 1 necessitates, in effect, answering "yes" to both of the issues contained within it.

The two issues are:

i) The independence of Quebec; and

ii) The creation of a province within the newly independent Quebec called Quebec West.

How about Question 2?

Question 2 is concerned with only one issue: the independence of Quebec.

What is the wording of the two questions?