How to Achieve Quebec Independence

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The Parti Québécois and the Two Question Referendum


What is the one thing you want to say to members of the sovereignty movement and the Parti Québécois regarding the Two Question Referendum?

A Quebec with a Bill 101 will never, ever become an independent nation. Only a free, mature Quebec which treats all its citizens equally will become the nation that it is. Quebec isn’t a third world country and shouldn’t act like one. Getting rid of Bill 101 will mean that Quebec has joined the family of responsible, civilized, nations.

And don’t wait for independence; when you next form the government, repeal Bill 101. If you do that, you’ll be surprised at how quickly independence follows. For if you start acting like a real nation who will be able to stop you becoming that nation?

Whenever you have to force a language or culture on a people, that language or culture ceases to be a legitimate language or culture. The Bill 101 within Canada scenario has trapped Quebecers into becoming Canadians, not a nation. And the most vile form of Canadians: human rights violators dependent upon the equalization teat. Is this the kind of province you want to live in? Is this the kind of nation that you want to celebrate, that Stephen Harper pushes and encourages? Laws of coercion and restriction on free expression of language and culture have over the past thirty years been introduced, passed, and become law in Quebec as a province within Canada. Support and promotion of such great Canadian laws keep Quebec within Canada.

As Daniel Latouche observed:

Provinces and states can have such restrictive language and cultural laws (such as Bill 101 and Bill 178), but full-fledged nation-states, those who aspire to play among the big boys (and the big girls) of international relations, cannot afford to be caught with such restrictions on their hands.[120]

What will the transition costs from a province to an independent state be like for Quebecers?

Costly and rough. Let’s not mince words: there will be a heavy price to pay to become an independent nation and the transition to that state will be tough economically and emotionally.

You said earlier that the Two Question Referendum concept can only work if the Parti Québécois adopts it.

Without the PQ's co-operation, the entire concept is