How to Achieve Quebec Independence

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You’re a separatist? Let me reward you!


Canada must end because Canada’s federal government rewards and allies with those who support and promote Quebec nationalism and separatism.

What, specifically, are you referring to?

Successive Canadian prime ministers have appointed and nominated Quebec politicians to high government positions who supported and voted for the most dangerous pro-separatist law ever enacted by the Quebec National Assembly.

Bill 150, An Act respecting the process for determining the political and constitutional future of Quebec, was the brainchild of then Liberal Premier Robert Bourassa and became law on June 20, 1991. Calling for the holding of a “referendum on the sovereignty of Quebec” if the results were 50% plus one vote, the bill declared that Quebec would, unilaterally, “acquire the status of a sovereign State one year to the day from the holding of the referendum.” In other words, a unilateral declaration of independence (UDI). Section 1 reads:

The Gouvernement du Quebec shall hold a referendum on the sovereignty of Quebec between 8 June and 22 June 1992 or between 12 October and 26 October 1992. If the results of the referendum are in favour of sovereignty, they constitute a proposal that Quebec acquire the status of a sovereign State one year to the day from the holding of the referendum.[42]

Are you saying the governing Quebec Liberal Party actually passed such a law? But it calls for a referendum on the separation of Quebec from Canada. The Liberals are supposed to be the federalists in Quebec, yet the section you reproduce above sounds like something the Parti Québécois would come up with.

Actually, it was worse than anything the PQ had every come up with. Up until that point, not even the PQ had been so brash in their attempts to break up Canada. After all, the 1980 referendum was merely a mandate to negotiate the weak-kneed concept of sovereignty-association.[43]

Quebec's continued intransigence in insisting upon more and more powers in constitutional negotiations got to the point at which even the so-called federalist party -- the Liberal Party of Quebec -- used the ultimate tactic of calling for a sovereignty referendum unless their demands were met.

Reading the preamble of Bill 150 in conjunction with section 1 makes it clear that the Liberals' intent was UDI. Here are two of several paragraphs from the preamble: