How to Achieve Quebec Independence

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Tony Kondaks


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 -     1-13-55 


 -    Estate-planning

 -    Inventions:



 -    Mesa, Arizona



-    The Market Recovery Program

-    Why Canada Must End

-    Two Pies and a Squiggle

 -    The IRA Tax Time Bomb!

-    IRA Insurance; what is it, why you need it, and what will it do for you (manuscript form)

Published articles, print media:

 -    "Property tax programs for seniors: an obsolete entitlement"; State Tax Notes; May 14, 2007

 -    "How to run" (letter); The New Yorker; Oct. 22, 2007

-     Michael Savage hypocrisy (letter), The New Yorker, Sept. 14, 2009

 -    "The Implications of Accomodation"; Policy Options; May 1990

 -    "UL Bests Roth On Deferred Plan Conversions"; National Underwriter; May 8, 2000

-    Guest column: To solve linguistic divide, split Quebec and give the west part to francophones; Vancouver Province, July 2, 2009

 -    "The Doctrine of 'Preponderance of Blood' in South Africa, the Soviet Union, and Quebec" (introduction

      by Zbigniew Brzezinski); Freedom House's Exchange Nov. 14, 1988

      -    The Quebec Government's response to Tony Kondaks' Freedom House article; Freedom House's Exchange April/May 1989

      -    Tony Kondaks' response to the Quebec Government; Freedom House's Exchange April/May 1989

      -    "Essay compares Quebec language law to apartheid"; Montreal Gazette; December 1, 1988

      -    "Un Anglo-Montrealais assimile la loi 101 au racisme sud-africain"; Le Devoir; November 30, 1988; p.3

      -    "A question of who imposes the limit"; Montreal Gazette; Editorial, December 5, 1988

      -    "Don't let majority limit civil liberties"; Montreal Gazette; Tony Kondaks' response to editorial; Dec. 14, 1988

 -    "The Two question referendum"; (cover story by L'Aut' Journal on Tony Kondaks' treatise on Quebec

     separatism); September 1989

      -    Oh Canada! Oh Quebec!  Requiem for a divided country ; Mordechai Richler's comments on "The Two Question Referendum", 1992, page 121

 -    "Voting for the Equality Party will not boost the PQ"; Montreal Gazette; April 6, 1989

 -    "Parizeau justified in defining voter groups"; Montreal Gazette; February 1, 1993, p. B3

 -    "English community does want it all, and why not?"; Montreal Gazette; June 7, 1993, p. B3

 -    "If anglophones cast strategic votes, Equality could win five seats"; Montreal Gazette; September 27, 1993; p. B3

 -    "Liberal package deal"; Montreal Gazette; November 21, 1998

-    "Ottawa should disallow Bill 170" (co-written with Keith Henderson and Jimmy Kalafatidis); Montreal Gazette; August 11, 2001
-    "Bill 104 decision will test the Liberals" (co-written with Robert Libman); Montreal Gazette: January 16, 2009

-    "Myth-making by the Gazette and AQ"; Southwest Quebec Dialogue; May, 1994

-    "Consensus for partition grows in Quebec English community"; Southwest Quebec Dialogue: March 1994

-    "English Quebec's misplaced outrage symptomatic of the "Big, bad wolf" syndrome"; Southwest Quebec Dialogue; May 1994

-    "Disallowance disused -- or dead?"; West Island Suburban; July 11, 2001, page A-11
Published articles, online:

-    “This Charter Doesn’t Deserve a Birthday Celebration” Huffingtonpost; April 16, 2012

-    “Time to End the Charter’s Shameful Treatment of Anglo Quebecers” Huffingtonpost; April13, 2012

-    “Take a Good Look, Quebec Could Soon Be Gone” Huffingtonpost; March 28,2012

-    “The NDP’s Sneaky Attempt to Win Over Separatists” Huffingtonpost; March 15, 2012

-    “Will Huffpost Quebec Help End Language Apartheid?” Huffingtonpost; February 8, 2012

-    “Did Al Gore Contribute to Apple’s $20 Billion Loss?” Huffingtonpost.ca; October 21, 2011

-    “The Four Questions Every Liberal Must Be Asked”; foxnews.com; February 9, 2011

-    “Math 101: Sovereignty is alive and well”; The Suburban; September 28, 2011

-    “Fortunately, Dr. Salk’s attempt to eradicate the scourge of polio has failed”; American Thinker, September 5, 2011

-    Canada's Walter Duranty; AmericanThinker.com, June 14, 2010

-    A better bailout alternative; AmericanThinker.com; December 19, 2008
-    The AIG junket fable; AmericanThinker.com; December 30, 2008

-    The solution to Arizona's immigration law lies in Democrats' hands; AmericanThinker.com; May 3, 2010

-    NBA All-Star and Canadian Steve Nash should worry about discrimination in his own country; AmericanThinker.com; May 8, 2010

-    Execution? What execution?; AmericanThinker.com; June 20, 2010

-    "The CIA vs. Human Life"; LewRockwell.com; May 3, 2008

-    "In lost productivity"; LewRockwell.com; Dec. 19, 2006

-    "An open letter to Sean Hannity"; LewRockwell.com; Oct. 26, 2006

-    "The piggy bank factor"; LewRockwell.com; April 4, 2005

-    "Greed still works"; LewRockwell.com; Oct. 8, 2002

-    "Insider trading"; LewRockwell.com; July 3, 2002


-    "The Newfoundland Strategy: a new strategy to renegotiate the Churchill Falls contract".  This document, which is a summary of a 200-page document that was presented to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador in 1987, reveals a strategy, based upon the only loophole ever found in the 1969 contract between Hydro-Quebec and Newfoundland, that would have forced Quebec to renegotiate and give up concessions to Newfoundland in the billions of dollars.

 -    "I am the face of evil" (a review of the film Who killed the electric car?)

 -    "Michael Savage, enemy of free speech"

 -    Numerous other articles published and unpublished (available upon request) 







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